Spick1aince the age of eight, Vance Vaucresson has been apart of his family’s sausage making tradition.  He learned not only his first sausage making techniques from his father and other family members, but about the many glorious traditions that exist in New Orleans Creole culture.  During the past 30 years, Vance has continued to perfect his craft by attending numerous training seminars within the meat industry on sausage production as well as membership in industry affiliated groups such as American Association of Meat Processors and Louisiana Meat Industry Association.   He also continues to promote that Creole culture which has been an integral part in the development of New Orleans and its wonderful diverse history.

“Add a Fourth Generation to the Annuls of Louisiana Festival and Culinary History Vaucresson’s Sausage Company – a New Orleans Creole legacy since 1899 lives on.”

grill1abWhen the Annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival opens, Vance Vaucresson will be running the sausage po-boy booth his late father, Robert “Sonny” Vaucresson did before him. For as long he can remember, Vance was born the same year which Jazz Fest was, he was at his father’s side learning the family business.  As his father Sonny did with his three sons, Vance and his wife Julie will share their Jazz Festival experiences with their children, Vance II and Hilary and his oldest son, Kyce.

Vaucresson’s is the only original food vendor remaining in the Jazz & Heritage Festival.  In 1976, famed New York Food Critic Mimi Sheridan, named our Hot Sausage Po-Boy sandwich “Best Food At Fest” during that years “Food Olympics”.  Our company is also an original food vendor of the French Quarter Festival which just celebrated 23 years.  We are very proud of our traditions and hope to continue them for the next generation.  Since 1899, our family has provided quality sausage products to our community.  We hope to continue this tradition and share our unique products with customers from around the world.